Lango Treasures

Experience the diverse mix of cultural and natural treasures in Lango sub-region. We welcome ideas from Lango and friends of Lango on how to preserve these treasures. Protect our cultural and natural treasures.

Lango Cultural Sites

  • Apollo Milton Obote, First Prime Minister and President of Uganda
    Burial Place, Akokoro, Apac District
  • Omukama Kabalega of Bunyoro and Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda. The two kings played a crucial role in Uganda’s anti-colonialism struggle. For two years Lango warriors protected the two kings until they were captured in Kangai by Kakungulu in 1899.
  • John Akii Bua Burial Place, First Gold Medalist in Uganda from Lango
  • Ngeta Hills (Lango settled here when they moved from Otuke Hills)
    Ngeta Hills
  • Otuke Hills (Lango settled here before they moved to Lango country
  • Ibuje Hills in Ibuje, Apac District, Tyen Olum (Olum Footprints), believed to be the 1st human footsteps on Ibuje Hills. Olum is believed to have supernatural abilities.
    Ibuje Hills
  • Kungu, a village in Akokoro, Apac District where Christianity entered Lango

Lango Natural Treasures

Lango Region is well watered by lakes, rivers and swamps.


  • Lake Kwania (Chawente and Nambieso)
    Lake Kwania
  • Lake Kioga/Kyoga (Maruzi, Kwania, Akokoro and Chawente
    Lake Kyoga


  • River Tochi (Achaba, Aber, and Minakulu)
  • River Moroto/Aswa (home to pigmy crocodiles 3 feet in length)
  • River Nile (IbujeMaruzi, Aber)
  • Okole River (Lira, Apac, Kole, and Oyam Districts), River Okole flows west into River Nile


  • Olweny (Agwata)
    Olweny Swamp
  • Arocha (Kwania and Maruzi Counties)
    Arocha Swamp