The Lango Sub-Region needs us, all of us, to help in rebuilding after 21 years of civil war. Yes it takes a long time to rebuild but looking at the way things are going in Lango, we have a significant amount of work on our hands and no resources to work with. The Lango Association of North America (LAONA) will do its part to the best of its ability to help address some of these issues. No single person can resolve all the problems in Lango therefore a collaborative effort is called for. Some of the areas of focus for the Association – in broad strokes, and in no particular order – will be:

Education, health, empowering women, addressing youth unemployment, clean drinking water supply and protecting the environment.

The Association believes that the problems and issues that face the people of Lango will take all of us together from home and abroad to address them effectively. We therefore call upon all the Lango wherever they are to join hands and help in any capacity.



The poverty level in Lango is so high that many parents are unable to send their children to post-secondary school. LAONA has received several requests for help with school fees especially for university/college-bound students.

The recent report from the World Bank confirms what many of us have known all along that the Lango sub-region will remain poor for as long as only kids from rich families can attend school. While there are competing priorities in Lango, education must remain one of the top priorities.

LAONA has set up a Scholarship Fund fundraiser for this cause. The scholarship will be for post secondary education through universities or colleges/trades. We believe that this is one of the most effective ways of bringing positive change to the sub-region. For our scholarship fund to be self sustaining we need a substantial amount of money. We are therefore dedicating a full year to raise funds from various sources. I am asking all of us to support this initiative by donating whatever amount each of us can- no amount is too little. This is a major challenge to all of us. Let us rise up to the challenge and build something that will all together can be very proud of.


The Rwot Owiny Akullu Memorial Scholarship:

The Rwot Owiny Akullu Memorial Scholarship was launched on September 14, 2016. Details of this scholarship can be found on this website under Community-wall/scholarships.